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SHOVE the Talking Trashcan

Fall 2021-Present

Project SHOVE was started in 2021 with the goal to give students hands on mechanical, electrical, and design experience in the field of themed entertainment. SHOVE is based off of Disney's PUSH the Talking Trashcan that interacted with Disney guests in the Disney parks by speaking and rolling among them. Similar to PUSH, SHOVE is now interacting with Purdue students on campus! 

3D Printed Coaster

The hopes for this project is to engage students in the process that goes into designing and building the components of a roller coaster! Students will have the opportunity to design in CAD, prototype, 3D print, troubleshoot, and work through the challenges of modeling a unique roller coaster. During this process, students will also learn how they can implement accurate components on coaster trains, bogies, chassis, tracks, restraints and more.

 Fall 2023 - Present

K'NEX Coaster in Boilermaker Labs

The K'NEX Coaster has been an ongoing project that has allowed students to merge their storytelling creativity with roller coaster design and engineering. Both students and guests on campus can currently see this project in KNOY Hall of Technology's Boilermaker 3D printing labs. This elaborate Purdue themed coaster will soon be interactive to all those who stop by to see it! 

Fall 2021-Present

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