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There's Airtime, and then There's This

A funny thing happens when you put something on the internet, people react very strongly.

When Kentucky Kingdom announced their new for 2016 Rocky Mountain Construction coaster, Storm Chaser, predictions fell into two categories: “OMG this is going to be CRAZY” or “this looks really boring.” Seeing how we were only a few hours away from the park, we only saw fit that we accept our invitation to attend the ride’s media day.

When we got there, we realized we were in for way more than we expected. We were told that not only would we have the chance to ride Storm Chaser, but we would have TPED exclusive time riding two of the park’s other flagship coasters, T3 and Lightning Run. On top of that, we would be on camera to be a part of the park’s promotional materials. That sounded like a pretty sweet deal on its own, but the icing on the cake was when Ed Hart, the owner of the park, welcomed us and told us that he’d visit us later on in the day to ask us about our thoughts on the park, and talk about his ideas for the future.

So with coffee in hand and cameras rolling, we walked through the park, finding ourselves impressed with the fit and finish of the place. After a few laps on the coasters, we were each interviewed about what we thought of them, and some of us even had to recreate our rides on camera! I guess you could say we had our own “Storm Facers.” Ha.

But what about the star of the show? Can a smaller, 100ft RMC still compete in the big leagues? Oh yes it can. Somehow, even when the ride starts bleeding speed near the end, it still delivers unbelievable amounts of airtime.

But what’s more important than the ride, is the people we met. While the event had to be rescheduled by a week due to weather, we were still able to meet some great people in the amusement industry. And networking is the key to success. That’s why TPED exists in the first place, I suppose.

Huge thanks to Ed Hart and the entire Kentucky Kingdom for making media day an incredible time! Curious to see the resulting video? You can check us out on the official Storm Chaser commercial, which is pretty exciting.

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